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Mung Bean


Mung bean, coconut milk

Black Eye Bean Dessert


Glutinous rice, black eye bean, coconut milk

Pandan jelly


Pandan jelly with sweet syrup and coconut milk

Thai Dessert


Milk and cream with jackfruit, longan fruit and coco jelly

Imported Asian Drinks


Options: Chrysanthemum tea, Pennywort Drink, Grass Jelly Drink, Soy Milk Drink, Winter Melon Drink

Iced Dark Coffee


French blend coffee with sugar

Iced Milk Coffee


French blend coffee served with condensed milk

Thai Iced Tea


Blend of black tea served with sweetened milk

Salad Roll


Caramel Flan


vietnamese style caramel flan

3 Color Dessert


A sweet and creamy dessert made with red bean, mung bean, pandan jelly, and coconut milk

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