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Bánh Mì: A Tale of Food Resilience in Vietnam

The Vietnamese Bánh Mì sandwich is an enduring classic for countless people worldwide. Featuring Vietnamese cold cuts, fragrant herbs, creamy mayonnaise, pickled vegetables, and a variety of regional and family-specific toppings, all nestled within a flaky French baguette, it’s not just an affordable and delectable dish; it’s a symbol of tradition, hope, and resilience. This...
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Bánh Mì 101 – What’s in A Vietnamese Sandwich?

Bánh Mì, the iconic Vietnamese sandwich, has gained worldwide recognition alongside phở, spring rolls, and Vietnamese coffee. This culinary masterpiece combines a symphony of Vietnamese cold cuts, pickled vegetables, savoury pâté, fresh herbs, and various delectable sauces, all harmoniously nestled within a light and flaky baguette. Dive into the fascinating history of Bánh Mì, from...
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